Yat Gang

What can we say?! We like Yats so we decided to invest in a collection of them.



A Yat is your universal emoji username, website URL, payment address, and more.

Every Yat also has two permanent, and unique scoring elements that make it special. It's Generation and it's Rhythm Score.

Every Yat is one-of-a-kind. When you own it, it is yours - forever -


The Yat's Generation indicates a time period that it was purchased during. Generation starts with Zero and after public launch all Yat's created will be Generation One. On the anniversary of Yat's lauch the Generation number will increment.

Rhythm Score

The Rhythm Score of a Yat consists of a number between 1 and 100 that is determined by three key factors: Length, Popularity, and Pattern. The price of a Yat is tied directly to it's Rhythm Score and remember that Yat's are pay once and own forever.

Gen Zero Collection



RS: 97 Pew Pew Pew


RS: 94 Masters Presents


RS: 90 Cactus Club



RS: 70 Diamonds balanced Rockets


RS: 86 Rainbow w/ Unicorn book-ends


RS: 63 Hockey, net, and beers w/ da bois


RS: 75 Beers vs Wine


RS: 73 Flowers my lady


RS: 68 Baseball, Peanuts and beer!


RS: 71 Alien gamers unite


RS: 67 Tacos plus Beer


RS: 61 Get that money coz...


RS: 67 Winning the race


RS: 71 Pizza Burgers Hotdogs


RS: 62 Win the Race!


RS: 70 Diamonds or Money?!


RS: 61 Save your Keys!


RS: 70 Diamond, Helicopter, Island Baby!


RS: 70 Protect dat money!


RS: 75 Explode my heart!


RS: 66 Aries FTW!


RS: 66 Get your ass in the shower.


RS: 67 Money Sake Party Gang.


RS: 67 Making a love story at the fair.


RS: 67 Best night of my life!


RS: 65 Biking changed my life!


RS: 65 You're eternal bliss Wolf!


RS: 67 Meye Last Rock Picture!


RS: 65 The spiral of Halloween Costumes


RS: 66 Water Buffalo of Tennis


RS: 67 Lock in those gainz


RS: 65 Golf changes you


RS: 65 Hunting cricket greatness


RS: 65 Avacado music tickets


RS: 65 You have ugly shuttlecock


RS: 67 Stay at home Gamer Mom


RS: 66 Best simcard remover


RS: 65 Never give up!


RS: 65 Concert, Dancing and Sushi Night!


RS: 67 Smoking hot Sagittarius


RS: 66 Bring on the Rocket Pancakes


RS: 66 Moon Golf


RS: 75 Angel vs Devil


RS: 74 Go for Drinks?



RS: 24 Football Star!


RS: 18 All the shoes


RS: 24 Baseball Basketball Football Champion


RS: 23 Diamonds, Helicopters, Islands and Beers LFG!


RS: 19 Hunting and Fishing w/ the Bois


RS: 24 Soccer, Baseball, Football, and Basketball


RS: 24 Flowers for da miss


RS: 24 Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Soccer


RS: 49 Dominating Win


RS: 22 All the weather you love


RS: 5 Relax and embrace



RS: 7 You know what you did pleb


RS: 7 Coffin Dance

I Love Collection


RS: 8 I love vidya plus beer!


RS: 8 I love beer plus tacos!


RS: 4 I love cookies plus milk!


RS: 8 I love baseball plus beer!


RS: 8 I love beer plus baseball!


RS: 8 I love beer plus pizza!


RS: 8 I love beer plus vidya!


RS: 8 I love tacos plus beer!


RS: 8 I love beer plus football!


RS: 4 I love sushi and sake!


RS: 4 I love sake and sake!


RS: 4 I love bacon and eggs!


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