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The section is designed for people who are Degen Level 0

Degen Level

Your degen level in DeFi is determined by the number of browser plugins you have on your workstation. The more networks you are participating in the more wallet plugins you will require and therefor the higher your degen level.

It's important you establish your degen level before you dive too far into the site because some of the content here is going to be over the head completely of someone with degen level 0 but will be easily understood by something with degen level 4. You have been warned plebs.

Current levels are as follows:

  1. Degen Level 0
Degen Level 0
  1. Degen Level 1
Degen Level 1
  1. Degen Level 2
Degen Level 2
  1. Degen Level 3
Degen Level 3
  1. Degen Level 4
Degen Level 4
  1. Degen Level 5
Degen Level 5
  1. Degen Level 6
Degen Level 6

Meat and Potatoes

I mean it's quite simple really. We are here to unlock our inner degen and are going to need a few things:

  1. A browser

  2. Some Plugins

  3. Seed Key Book and a Pen

  4. Some un-interrupted time to complete your degen tasks

  5. Health

  6. Wealth


The information and documentation are provided by the community, please use at your own risk